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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Whats been goin on

Im going to give a brief update as to what has been going on over the the last few day, well as brief as I can.

Added after posting for clarity:  The hospital refered to here is the Royal Liverpool Hospital ward 7y I've been put into one of there spare rooms with no windows, room 9. I don't mind the peace and quiet though.

I arrived here on the Tuesday about 5pm by ambulance, after a being taken to my room I was very thirsty and asked for some water. I filled in a long form of information, I don't know why as they have my records here anyway, but I played along! My mouth was really dry so I asked for a drink of water. Yes a second time to a second nurse. I asked another nurse for a pillow and a second blanket. I like to use the extra blanket during the day to keep my main bedsheet tidy for the night as well as covering me up during the night if I get cold. The pillow I got straight away, I'm still waiting for the blanket after asking 3 times and have given up hope. Did I mention I was thirsty... well the third nurse finally got me some

By this time it was about 6:30pm to 6:45pm I hadnt eaten properly since my breakfast which consisted of cornflakes, so I asked if I could have something to eat. The nurse came back and said unfortunately the kitchen is closed, but I can make you some toat, only tome come back again to tell me they had no bread! She had found some rolls in the kitchen if I wanted some bread rolls with jam. OK i said, as if I had a choice.I only eat one of them. Later on that night we had a shift change and one of nurses popped her head around the door and asked if I wanted some toat, sigh. I said I would but I dont think you have any bread. She said we migh have some hidded away.... sure enough she found some and I had some nice warm toast.

Another instance I wasn't happy about was when having one of my drips for antibiotics. The antibiotics had finished and a flush was set up which takes about twenty minutes to go through. The flush was set up at 2pm. I know this because I was in a middle of a phone call with Nigel when she came in to set the flush up and I said to Nigel I would call him back which I did a couple of minutes later at 2pm, as its recorded on my phone. I buzzed when it had finished and someone came around and said they would tell the nurse...... I waited ...... nobody came. OK their buzy, so I waited some more and then finaly decided to buzz again. Again someone arrived and told me they would get someone. Eventually the nurse who set it up arrived. I asked in a joking manner, 'did you forget about me?' She retorted quite sharply that she had seven other patient to see! It was now two hours later before she got around to me. Quite frankly I still think that is unacceptable. I had to have another antibiotic and flush straight afterwards and by the time it was all done, I was nearly due my next dose.

Charito came to visit tonight, not arrivving until 8pm she asked one on the nurses if she could stay the night in the room sleeping on the chair. She said she would have to check. The nuse she checked with said she couldn't do that, to which I replied, 'she has done it before'. We don't allow it. But we're in a sideroom not disturbing anyone, but it was still a no. She told us that the hospital has the facility to use the hotel opposite for when people have problems travelling. Its organised by the hospital security. They asked if they wanted us to see if there was a room available, to which we said yes. She came back and told us there was a room at a cost of £28. I thoght they would put her up for free, but after discussing it, it just wasn't worth it. We were told the visiting times were from 1pm till 8pm. So basically Charito arrived in time to go home! She stayed for 3/4 of an hour and then set off back home. Walking to the train station and then she decided to get a taxi home the rest of the way as it was very windy. I called her at each stage of the way to make sure she was safe as walking in the dark through Liverpool can be dangerous as well as in Chester.

About me

Im still spiking a temperature, although we thought that had sropped for a couple of days. Diarrhea has eased off. My hands are very red and I have moisturising cream as well as steroid cream to help deal with it. The doc has also put me on some anti fungal and some new steroids. He wants to see how I get on over the next few days before considering to send me home. I also need a couple of units of blood which I'm having one now and another at about 6:30am I need to have my antibiotics after this unit!


  1. Nice to hear from you. What a diamond Maria is. Hope they buck their ideas up at the hospital. Have you been put on a different ward since last time?

  2. That was not a good situation throughout the day then. What a shame for Maria too after the effort she made. I did think of some sort of Acronym on the word 'Health Care' but then decided gainst popping it on here :) I hope your stay is a little better from now on. Hope you pick up soon:)

  3. Poor Charito! Seems like they could have let her sleep in the chair for heavens sake! Hope all the meds help you to feel better and that you can be home and more healthy for the holidays! Praying for the fevers to get lost!

  4. Better not to ask and simply do, as it is always easier to apologize afterwards!!! Sounds like they are horribly overworked... understaffed... and would have welcomed Charito's help with you, if they could only see it that way.... grrrrrrrrr. Intending better days!