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Monday, 26 December 2011

Revlimid–Risk after failed SCT

I’ve just been doing a bit more research into the situation that I am in and came across this article on the MyelomaBeacon site.

Revlimid Maintenance Therapy After Donor Stem Cell Transplantation Is Not Recommended For Multiple Myeloma Patients

Although there are slight differences, I think it shows how risky this process is going to be for me.

I’m currently managing OK with the Acute GVHD that I have have, but come the new year when I start on Revlimid the risk of getting Chronic GVHD looks more likely, so I’m sure they will be monitoring me even more closely.


  1. There are some other drugs coming into the pipeline and I wonder if they might not be more productive instead of the Revlimid... I was thinking of Carfilzobomb (sp?) Intending your medical team finds a good combo for you!

  2. sean, i second sandy's suggestion that you look into the carfilzomib (also sp?!). i hope you remain stable for a long time, and that you are guided to exactly what is right for you that will be effective and allow you to move forward with few side effects. hugs, karen