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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Paraprotein the same–Revlimid time

I was told on Friday that my paraprotein hasn’t gone up in the last week, but stayed the same at 18. Staying the same is better than going up but not as good as coming down obviously (no lude jokes about going down is always better  .. as if you would … and as if I would find that funny)

The docs have had their pow-wow about me and what to do over the next three or four weeks and they have agreed to put me on the new regime using Lenalidomide (Revlimid). I haven’t started it yet, because of the infection I have in my line, but I will be starting it tomorrow if everything goes to plan.

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  1. EZ takes Rev every night...10 mg. Side effects haven't been too horrible, except that after sleeping for a bit he wakes up very stiff and achy with bone pain. Once he is up and about, it subsides (maybe due to Oxycontin!). Blood counts haven't been affected much which is good!
    Hope you tolerate it well! Cannot believe the cost of it...thank goodness for insurance!