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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Good News

The good news is that I have been let out of hospital, the bad news is I have to go back in again tomorrow. Actually it’s not that bad, I only have to go in to have my antibiotics added to my line for twenty minutes and then flushed out. So I will probably be in hospital for an hour or two with the usual waiting. Now that would be the the easiest and sensible way of doing things wouldn’t it …but… with the usual bureaucracy that happens in all hospitals it isn’t as easy as that.

If I was discharged today I couldn’t go back in tomorrow because there wouldn’t be a bed for me! Yes that’s right I have to have a bed assigned to me as there is nobody on the day wards for out patients at the weekend. So to get around this they haven’t discharged me, my room and bed are still available for me to back into. So although there is always a shortage of beds and I’m not there, the bed can’t be used. To me that seems a waste of resources, all because they have to follow policy and procedures, I really think that if someone did a proper systems analysis on the the working practices and methods they would find hundreds of way of saving money and becoming more efficient. If they NHS is reading this, give me a call I’d love to get involved, obviously for a small fee, but think of the savings you would make. Smile

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  1. Why couldn't they do 'bed-sharing' where it's an available bed for short-term use? Silly me, always thinking of ways to solve things! Glad you are well enough to be 'let out' and am continuing the Reiki and the intending... have two more added to the list of supporters intending for you!!