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Monday, 28 March 2011

Pain in my chest

I went to the hospital this morning first thing. I’d had a cross match of my blood on Friday so today the process was going to be, have a blood test, wait for results and then see if I needed to have the blood that was ordered on Friday, possibly two units and maybe some platelets. However it didn’t quite work out like that.

Over the weekend my chest has been hurting, actually it’s been aching all last week on and of, but I just putting it down to indigestion, as that’s what it felt like when it started. My ribs have started to hurt on the left side. It’s got progressively worse and now it hurts when I breath in or stretch or even more so when I lie down, which makes it uncomfortable to sleep! I mentioned this to the Nurse on arrival and she spoke to doctor and others etc to get me checked out. My bloods were taken and sent off to see what the counts were and if I needed any blood or platelets.

After an hour or so, someone (Laura) came to see me about my chest and she had my blood results as well. The result:

HB: 9.1
Platelets 19
Neuts: 0.6 (yes that is point 6)

Again I was disappointed in Neutrophils I thought they would have climbed, but it looks like I’m still recovering from the last dose of Chemo and Velcade, but I would expect them to start climbing again this week, ready for the next dose on Monday. The platelets are low and Laura has ordered some for me. An X-Ray was arranged for my Chest, so I nipped out of the ward, down the corridor for an X-Ray and then back to the ward. I was seen by Dr Lee afterwards and he examined my chest and gave me a few thumps on the back as well (a little too hard for my liking, not that I like being hit on the back of course, but you know what I mean). Hopefully I wont bruise with my platelets being low! He couldn’t see anything wrong and examined the X-Ray which didn’t show anything up. They are arranging for another test, I can’t quite remember what it was but I know it had a CT in it somewhere. The test will be sometime this week (hopefully), it is to make sure I haven’t got any kind of blood clot (at least I think that’s what it is – I will get more details tomorrow). So I’m back again tomorrow for two units of blood and my platelets. As they had to order the platelets in, they wouldn’t be ready till tomorrow and with the time passing having to have my chest examined I would have only had time to have one unit of blood today. So the decision was made to go home and at least have the afternoon away from the Hospital and then go back again first thing to have two units of blood and the platelets. So that’s my day sorted again tomorrow.

There was talk of giving me the Growth Factor injections but I think there going to see if my Neutrophils increase on their own first. I will just have to wait and see how it goes.


  1. I am astonished that your doctor - or any doctor reviewing your chart - would do any kind of "thumping" on an MM patient!!! Talk about risky behavior! Anyhow, I will be intending that tomorrow's hospital visit will give you some good results and you can go home for well-deserved rest from all the blood-letting and blood-getting.

  2. My Vida solo le pido a DIOS`que no sea nada grave , solo DIOS te puede curar , todavia le sigo pidiendo a DIOS q te sane solo el lo puede hacer , espero q no pase nada malo my amor, TE AMO MUCHISIMO POR SIEMPRE, I LOVE YOU FOREVER. CHARITO.

  3. OK Sean, I believe it is against blog rules to post about "pain in your chest" and then not update in 6 days. Your fans out here are waiting for another
    "not dead yet" post. Please advise.
    Seriously, hope everything is going OK and that you are just busy enjoying some nice weather, taking photos of sexy girls, or something to that effect.