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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Nice day

It’s been a lovely day, both in the weather and how I have felt, although I think  the latter has been influenced by the former.

Did the usual and dropped Charito off at work and travelled down the road (literally it’s on the same road) to the hospital. When I arrived at the car park, the there was a car trying to open the barrier to the car park trying desperately to swipe their card in front of the sensor to lift the barrier, but it was clearly not going to open. I recognised the vehicle as the staff from Clatterbridge Hospital that use Chester as a base to on a few days a week for chemo treatment on the same day ward as me. Not that I remember their faces, although I would probably recognise them, it was clear that this Vehicle was the staff from Claterbride as it is written on the side of the car in big letters. So I got out of my car and walked over to try my card. Sure enough it opened first time, which the staff were grateful for and to be honest even it wasn’t the clatterbride staff I would have let them! Why because I would have been stuck behind them for ages if they had to wait for some kind of assistance to open the barrier,  so it wasn’t through any selfless act of kindness, more a selfish act of not wanting to hang around waiting, sorry guys!

Once on the ward I settled in to my usual seat, but only for about 15 mins as I was asked to move to the other side of the room as the side I was sitting was being used by Clatterbridge for the day, yes the same people I let into the car park. So another selfless act of kindness I moved to the other chair, I think it must have been the sun shining that made me do these things without any complaint, or maybe I’m just a really nice guy :)

The staff were their usual selfless selves and helping everyone in their usual jolly manner, I don’t think I could be nice to all of the patients all of the time. Sarah made me and James laugh with the stories of Laura having a flat tyre after a lecture in Liverpool and how she was asked to follow Laura home to make sure she didn’t break down again, only to end up going through the wrong Tunnel and then wondering where Laura was. Laura went through the Wallasy tunnel and Sarah through the Birkenhead tunnel. Somehow I don’t think that Sarah would ever be a good stalker!

After the bloods came back:

HB 10.3
Platelets 38
Neuts 3.10

I was given my Velcade but as my Platelets have dropped I have to go back tomorrow for a bag or two or platelets.

We were out of the hospital quite early and was away by 12:30pm, so home for lunch. After lunch we decided to clean the car as it was so nice out. So we put some music on in the house, opened the windows so we could hear it outside and made the car look lovely and shiny. James did the bucket lifting with the water, we both did a bit of the the washing/glass cleaning, but the vacuuming I left to James. The car was lovely and clean once we finished and I took some pics. It was too bright to get any really good pics of me inside the car as the lighting was all wrong, but we managed to get a few that turned out ok.

This is me sporting my new hair cut, I cut it shorter again as it was looking rather patchy and as Jodie (next door) told me, ‘as a friend I’m telling you this, cut your hair, it looks dreadful’ – so I shaved it a grade shorter. So here I am making cancer look cool in my shades and car.


And a montage of shiny bits after being cleaned.

Celica Montage


  1. Great pictures Sean and so nice that the weather provided you with the perfect opportunity to clean your wonderfully sporty car! Hope they get your platelets up soon!

  2. Nice clean car,and well done in getting jim to clean it! But looking Cool?

  3. Smiler--keep at it!!! xxxxxx Anna and gang.