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Tuesday, 1 March 2011


 dex4packet I’ve been to the hospital today for my usual checks on bloods etc. I didn’t need any platelets or bloods today, but they have ordered a couple of bags of platelets for tomorrow prior to having my hickman line fitted.

The blood results showed that my neutrophils have plummeted so I’m at risk of infections again, more so than normal. I have to go on the Neutropenic diet again and watch what I eat. The baked potato I had last night with tuna and mayonnaise, probably wasn’t the best meal for me!

I forgot it was Monday yesterday and didn’t take my dexamethasone, I asked the doctor about it and he said to just take it an extra day. So nothing to worry about really apart from my lack of concentration.

Personally I put the blame on Becky who distracted me all day with funny email and pictures. Becky has given me permission to post a photo of her on here…


Doesn’t she look pretty in her shiny wig :D

Becky currently doesn’t have a blog but sends out emails on a regular basis keeping people informed. I will try and get her to be a guessed blogger on here so you can get to know her a little. You never know you I may even persuade her to set up her own blog :)


  1. Glad to see you ate from three of the main food groups

    veg skin bacteria
    fish bacteria
    egg bacteria


  2. I know I probably didn't do myself any favors prior to my neutrophils dropping :S ... but at least I enjoyed the meals :)