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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Becky’s first blog post

I’m sure you would all like to welcome Becky on her first blog post and my first guessed blogger:

Becky I’m sure will have plenty to say once she gets used to it and will provide us with lots of laughs and tears along the way, but hey that’s what blogs are for. For me it gives a great way to vent any frustrations I may have and to write about the funny things that go on and in general just waffle.

I know Becky can type for england when she gets going so expect to see some long blog post which make great reading as well as the odd funny story and jokes.  I spent most of one day last week trying to keep up with all of the emails I was getting and it made my time in the hospital ward pass with ease, although I did get some funny looks laughing to myself when I was reading some of joke ones Beck sent about things children had said in the classroom.

If you missed her post as I’ve posted a few since then, you can view Becky’s first Blog post here – Greetings Everyone