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Friday, 25 February 2011

Platelets and gifts

Today has been a quite a good day. This morning my son James helped me move the photography equipment and sort a few things out. Nigel our postman delivered a present from Paula ( It is some special clingfilm that I can use to cover my hickman line once fitted so that I don’t get it too wet while having a shower. It also comes in useful if I want to wrap my body up and cook myself. :)

I didn’t have to go the hospital today until about 2pm to have some platelets, which didn’t take too long to administer, I think I was only there for just over an hour, my shortest visit yet. Yesterday I treated the staff to some Cadburys Heroes, which I thought was appropriate as they are my heroes. They are all great people and I get on really well with them – I know I have complained about other areas of the hospital on my blogs, but these people really do look after their patients and go beyond what is expected of them on a daily basis. They seem to know every patient by their first names and take an active interest in getting to know them. In fact writing this down here is inspiring me to write a formal letter to the trust to tell them. I’m sure they get lots of letters of complaint and not enough of thanks going to the hospital, while I am good I will write a letter of thanks while I can.

My next appointment at the hospital isn’t until Tuesday, so hopefully I won’t have to have any interim visits and will get this weekend off from any hospital visits :)