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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Cough – the breakdown

As in a the previous post, I mentioned that I went to see the emergency doctor at 2:40pm. I’d been suffering with the cough all day Friday and didn’t get any sleep Friday night the doctor I went to see was at Deeside Hospital (a relatively small hospital). He was a very nice Dr and examine me thoroughly and after discussing my case with him, he wasn’t happy to send me home with some antibiotics as he could detect a slight abnormality in one of my lungs. He decided the best option was to send me the Chester Hospital to have an X-ray done.

So off we went back in the direction we had just come from. I thought while we are passing I would pop in to the Chemist to pick up my Bonefos (repeat prescription) that should have been ready last Wednesday. So into the chemist I went, picked up another couple of boxes of tissues and paracetimol and asked for my prescription ……….yep you guessed it, it wasn’t there! After searching all over the place and looking on the computer they finally discovered that the request had been made to the doctors surgery but they never supplied it. I’m thinking about changing my doctor as I’ve never been happy with then since I moved here. So my bonefos ran out last night and not sure when I’m getting my prescription, the chemist will be calling me on Monday.

As we have to pass our house to get to Chester and knowing what the hospital is like, I thought it prudent to pick up some Pyjamas, just in case they keep me in.

We had to report to Accident and Emergency and after about a 10 minute wait were called by a nurse and told they were ready for me on the AMU (Acute Medical Unit) ward. She pointed us in the direction to go and when I go there I asked the question, ‘are they going to be keeping me in’ – They didn’t know and I would have to wait to see what the doctor said. This was about 3:50pm – time passed and I had a million stickers stuck on me for the heart monitor, ok not quite a million, but it as an awful lot when I came to peel them off. Oh just before going on the heart monitor I had the usual observation taken, pulse, blood pressure, temperature. It was at the point where the nurse looked and me and said … ‘Do you normally suffer with heart problems’ that my pulse probably went up. Errrr why do I now? It might be nothing to worry about but we will check it out. I’ve heard that might be term before, just before they said they would check me out for cancer! Then I heard words like Tachycardic being discussed between the doctors and nurses. I only came in with a cough and now I’m going to be told I have a heart problem I thought! I would expect if they took my heart measurements at this time it would have been even more tachycardic. I’m sure they do it on purpose sometimes, when they are bored… I can imagine them sitting in the corner somewhere saying, lets see how high we can get this guys heart rate to rise just by discussing it. Then taking bets on who would be nearest. Anyway back to all the stickers and cables they clip all over you. It only took a few minutes to see who the winner was, er I mean to see what my heart rate was. Phew my heart can stop beating so fast now, it was normal and nothing to worry about.

We did some more waiting again (for a change) they brought some lovely food around and offered me some. Now I know from experience in Chester hospital that the food isn’t brilliant; however Charito was hungry and as they only offer the patient something I said yes to the Quiche and Chips with a side portion of peas and sweet corn. I did at least try it before giving it to Charito and had it confirmed. The chips were cold and not cooked. I didn’t even attempt the Quiche. Charito on the other hand was really hungry and ate it anyway.

Finally got to see the doctor who went through all the same question I had previously answered to everyone one else I’d forgotten how many times I had said the same thing over and over again. At least this Dr was female and very pretty, which made up for it! After checking my chest and she said she would be back later with the Senior doctor. As promised, later on she arrived with the senior Dr. Not as pretty, but he was a very nice man. Same questions and same examination. They nipped out for a few minutes and came back and said they weren’t going to put me on Antibiotics as is could make it worse rather than better, They would give me some simple linctus for the cough and keep me in over night to monitor me as I have coarse crackles in my left lower zones of lung. He advised that I stop eating the cereal ‘Rice Crispies’ (snap, crackle and pop) and try Sugarpuffs! OK OK he didn’t really, but it would have been funny if he had.

I don’t want to stay in hospital I told him. I’d rather go home. I knew it would be very quiet and I’m going to be coughing all night, you cant get up without disturbing someone and the times you do fall asleep they come over and shine a light in your eyes to see if you are ok (i.e. not dead) which wakes you! He asked me when I have my next appointment at the hospital, which is this Wednesday (bone marrow biopsy and full skeletal scan) and agreed to let me go home, but just to monitor my temperature – something us cancer patients do regularly at the slightest hint of an illness, we’re well trained.

IMG_0936Oh missed a bit out, I had to go for Chest X-ray during this process and just as I came out and was being wheeled to back to my bed, Charito’s phone rang. It was Amy my daughter. She had been passing the hospital and saw my car in the carpark. Initially she though I was visiting her auntie as she lives next to the hospital. So she went to see if I was there, of course they hadn’t seen me. I think Amy must have started to get worried then. She tried calling my phone and texting me, but the battery had ran out. Fortunately Charito was working still and she was able to get through to her and she explained what had gone on. I spoke to her later on to reassure her that I was ok . I suppose I should try camouflaging my car so it isn’t so conspicuous. Chel (who is married to Amy’s auntie Vanessa) calls it a wedge of cheese on my facebook page, not there is an idea, all I need to do if find lots large wedges of cheese and park my car in between, now nobody would give that a second look and Amy wouldn’t spot it in the carp park and worry.

Last night I didn’t sleep very well again, but dosed off now and again when I could as I was so tired. I tried overdosing on the Linctus but that didn’t work. 5ml spoonful three times a day, more like a swig every couple of hours!

I’m going to try and get to the chemist later on to buy more tissues as I have gone through two boxes yesterday. I’m also going to buy some Vicks Vapour rub as suggested by 'Tims Wife’. So if anyone wants to come and rub it over my chest tonight, let me know… let me rephrase that, if any sexy young ladies want to come and rub the vicks over my chest tonight let me know. :) (how does Charito put up with me he he).

Right I’m going to see if I can catch some sleep before going out…. I don’t hold much of a hope!