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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Told off for not blogging

I’m getting text messages about not updating my blog, people are starting to worry – Mention no names (Lisa x x). So to stop people worrying, I’m OK. Just not been spending time blogging as much as James is staying with us at the moment so have been doing other things.

I’ve enjoyed the first week off work and certainly don’t feel as stressed. I still have the usual ups and downs with aches and  pains and feeling sick on certain days, but they are easier to deal with at home rather than trying to do lots of other things at work at the same time, so feel much better at the moment.

James has been decorating for me in the Kitchen, his choice, not mine, but very much appreciated. He has a bit more to do, but shouldn’t take long.

He wont be lying in tomorrow, he is going to drop off some things at his house with my next door neighbour (Chris – CJS Couriers) so he has to be up at 5:30 tomorrow. I suppose it makes up for his 13 hour stay in bed on his first night here till 3pm.

He will probably be glad to go back home at the end of the week for a rest.

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  1. Si my amor lo estamos pasando muy bien si , gracias a DIOS my love , el martes viene nuestros sillones q lindo heheheh , bueno
    perolo mas importante esq tu estees tranquilo
    si.Q DIOS siempre te bendiga y te cuide mucho.
    I love you lots. Charito.